Forward A Port


Port Pinger  v.1.0

Port Pinger is a simple tool to check if a port on a chosen host is open. Check ports with this utility. Features: Check if a port on a chosen host is open or closed.Usage:

PortTrigger  v.1.0.62

PortTrigger is the ultimate router accessory. With PortTrigger, you have more control over your router.Features 1. Provides increased security. Ports are not forwarded when you are not using the program. 2. Expands the port forwarding capacity of


JPortScanner  v.0.4

Scan your ports with this tool. JPortScanner is a small utility to find vulnerable points in your computer defense. After a Port scan you can eventually close the open ports so that nobody can come in.JPortScanner Features: 1. Scans for open ports on

PlugProxy  v.201

PlugProxy version is a port forwarder/port debugger written in Java.

Skulltag  v.97d

Skulltag is a port for the original Doom and Doom II.

Offensive Ground Roving Exo-skeleton  v.

The objective for each level is outlined at the beginning of each level. The center HUD display can be changed to show the level map, a scope, a compass or ammo remaining. W = Move Forward. A = Strafe Left. S = Move Back. D = Strafe Right.

LibUSB-Win32-  v.0.1.10

libusb-win32 is a port of the USB library to the Microsoft Windows operating systems. The library allows user space applications to access many USB device on Windows in a generic way without writing any line of kernel driver code.

Perl for Win32  v.5. 8. 2008

A port of most of the functionality in Perl, with some extra Win32 API calls thrown in so that you can take advantage of native Windows functionality. If youre a PERLer, get it while its hot!

Redirect for Outlook  v.1 8

Redirect for Outlook will provide you with the opportunity to redirect messages instead of forwarding them. Standard Microsoft Outlook features only offer the possibility to forward a message, which is not always convenient for a number of reasons:

IrcII EPIC4 For Windows 2.2-231  v.1.0

A port of the popular IRC client to Windows. Includes an easy to use GUI front end and is fast and secure. Most major ircII scripts for the UNIX/Linux version can be used with this client easily.

ClamAV/SOSDG  v.0.97.4

ClamAV/SOSDG is a port of the strong ClamAV anti-virus program package from UNIX/Linux to Windows using the Cygwin compatibility layer.

RDPPortChanger  v.1.3

RDPPortChanger change RDP Port Number and add a port to the Microsoft Firewall settings and reboot you computer to apply the settings. Add a port to the Microsoft Firewall settings and reboot you computer to apply the settings.

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